Carolina Search and Recovery Excercise
By Assistant Chief Rusty Stewart
May 16, 2019

Members from Cypress Pointe and Moore County Water Rescue Task force participated in a 2 day training event that included a Sonar Interpretation Class on the evening of May 15th and practical exercises beginning the morning of May 16th. The event was hosted by Moore and Lee County Emergency Management with the assistance from North Carolina Emergency Management.

Members were given 5 items to try and locate within 3 hours for the dive portion of the practical excercise. CPFR members were able to locate all 5 items under the allotted time frame. Other teams participated in a Sonar course where items were placed throughout the search area and teams used boats equipped with Sonar to locate the items. All together there were over 70 personnel and 10 teams that participated in the training. Personnel that attended the event were from all across North Carolina, South Carolina, and even a gentleman from Canada.