Fire Fatality on Lake Bay Road
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
July 2, 2019

Cypress Pointe Fire/Rescue was dispatched to a structure fire on Lake Bay Road outside of Vass. The first alarm assignment included Cypress Pointe, Southern Pines Fire Department, Whispering Pines Fire Department and Moore County EMS.

Engine 243 arrived with Engine 214 soon afterwards, Engine 243 reported a working fire with heavy involvement in multiple divisions (including both interior and exterior fires). A defensive fire attack was initially utilized that transition into an interior fire attack. Engine 221 arrived and was given water supply, E-221 established a water supply utilizing a driveway lay from the attack engine to the supply engine which incorporated a drop tank. Tanker's supported the fire attack through E-221's drop tank. Multiple crews utilized 4 attack lines to knock down enough fire to finally make an interior attack. Fire crews located one of the property owners in the house after making entry into the structure, unfortunately he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Moore County EMS established a firefighter rehab area and due to the 100 degree day additional alarms were called to supplement the firefighting force.

This incident when to 3 alarms, which included the following departments:
First Alarm
Cypress Pointe Fire/Rescue
Southern Pines Fire/Rescue
Whispering Pines Fire/Rescue

Second Alarm
Crains Creek Fire Department
Carthage Fire/Rescue
Aberdeen Fire/Rescue
Seven Lakes Fire Department - Air Truck

Third Alarm
Eastwood Fire Department
Pinehurst Fire Department
Pinebluff Fire Department
West End Fire/Rescue
Lemon Springs Fire Department - Lee County
Spout Springs Fire Department - Harnett County

This fire is under investigation and the investigation is a joint effort that includes: Moore County Public Safety, Moore County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the North Carolina Forestry Service.


ROY Hardy July 09, 2019 at 2:26 AM
thank you Frank and all the folks on fire and rescue may God bless and keep you all!!!!

ROY Hardy July 09, 2019 at 2:27 AM
thank you Frank and all the folks on fire and rescue may God bless and keep you all!!!!