The Games Fire Departments Play
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
July 23, 2019

Fire Department training comes in all forms, to the benefit of our members it makes sense to make training fun and challenging. With a thunderstorm outside Deputy Chief Richardson set up some hands on extrication equipment familiarization in the bay Tuesday night.
Members were given a review of the battery operated Edraulics Hurst extrication tools and a review of the hydraulic Hurst Extrication tools. Then the members were challenged to manipulate the tools in the best way possible to pick-up and move eggs without cracking them. This teaches balance, tool control and that small movements may obtain large gains when extricating a victim from a wreck.
Secondly, members played a large version of "Jenga". Members worked as a team to remove wooden cribbing without causing a collapse. This requires a strategic thought process because each move may effect another part of the stack. Members are expected to work in very close proximity to injured and entrapped victim's at vehicle wrecks "Jenga" teaches our members to work in one specific area without endangering another area.
It is important to change training methods from time to time to challenge our members and keep them engaged.