Fallen Brother
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
February 1, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of fellow firefighter Corbin Rogers. Corbin worked part-time and volunteered for the Carthage Fire Department and worked full-time for the Spring Lake Fire Department in Cumberland County.
Corbin attended the Sandhills Community College Fire Academy where he obtained his firefighter certification, he also spent countless hours training and responding to help his community in and around Carthage. He realized a life long dream of being a career firefighter when he was hired by Spring Lake Fire Department.
Corbin had attended an Aerial Certification class on his off-day in Spring Lake on Friday and was involved in a vehicle accident on Highway 690 in Moore County while returning home after the class. Both Crains Creek Fire Department and Cypress Pointe Fire/Rescue responded to the call along with Moore County EMS, Moore County Sheriff's Office and the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

It is without a doubt that Firefighter Rogers routinely put the communities he served and his departments above his own interest, he will be missed.

Rest in Peace Brother!!