Call Response for 2022
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
January 2, 2023

Cypress Pointe Fire/Rescue's district includes parts of two counties and two municipalities. The district is made up by 95 square miles and is covered from three stations by 63 personnel.
At the end of each year the department evaluates all aspects of the department’s response and public education efforts, below are some of the 2022 statistics:

Total Call Volume 1,378 Calls for Service.

Call Volume by Area:
Town of Cameron 86 Calls
Harnett County 30 Calls
Moore County 877 Calls
Town of Vass 209 Calls
Out of District 176 Call

Percentage of Call Volume by Contract Area
Town of Cameron 6.24%
Town of Vass 15.16%
Harnett County 2.17%
Moore County 63.65%
Out of District 12.78%

Call Volume by Call Type
Fires 140
Overpressure/Explosion 1
Medical/Rescue 668
Hazardous Conditions 80
Service Calls 71
Good Intent Calls 241
False Alarm/False Call 77
Severe Weather 99
Special Incident Type 1

Calls by Station
Station 1 – Vass 632 Calls
Station 2 – Cameron 367 Calls
Station 3 - Woodlake 205 Calls
Station 4 - Youngs Road 172 Calls - Station Under Construction
Water Rescue Task Force - 2 Calls

Average Response Time: 7:03 (district calls only)

Average Responders Per Call
6.3 Firefighter/EMT’s per call

Overlapping Incidents (multiple calls at the same time)
329 times we had multiple calls at the same time.

Numerous pictures from events during 2022 are also attached.

Attachment 2022 Call Response.pdf  (305k)