Station 4's New Rating Effective December 1, 2023
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
September 23, 2023

The North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal has announced that Cypress Pointe Fire Station 4 has passed its Rating Inspection and will assume the district-wide rating effective December 1, 2023.
On December 1st any property in the district within 5 miles of a CPFR Fire Station will be eligible for lower insurance premiums based on our Class 4 Insurance Rating district wide.
Many residents in the area around the new station have been paying higher premiums because of distance from a fire station. In July 2023, Cypress Pointe open the new station for an underserved area of the county. This also includes space for a Moore County EMS unit which also responds out of the new station.
We encourage you to contact your insurance agent and request the lower insurance premium effective December 1, 2023.