Controlled Burn Escapes and Damages Property
By Department Chief Mike Cameron
February 3, 2024

On Saturday Cypress Pointe Fire/Rescue along with our automatic aid partners, Crains Creek Fire Department, Spout Springs Fire Department, N.C. Forestry Service, Moore County EMS and the Moore County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a structure fire off of J Burns Road.
Upon our arrival it was discovered that there were four vacant mobile homes on fire. Two of the homes were being demolished and two were slatted to be torn down and demolished. The fire was attacked and with handlines being supported by tankers for water supply.
Due to the yard and wooded area behind the incident being on fire the NC Forestry Service used a plow to provide a containment line around the entire incident. The forward progression of the fire was stopped however, there were several hot spots and hidden fires that had to be located and extinguished. The use of saws and hooks were utilized to open up void spaces to extinguish the fires.
In North Carolina it is unlawful to burn man-made material per state Air Quality Laws.
This fire was originally a controlled burn that escaped the pile and set the area on fire.